This is Caboose #401, currently in the Engine House receiving a new top layer on its roof, a re-painting, and other repairs.
Original caboose.

Caboose #401 was built in 1881 and was originally used by the South Pacific Coast Railroad.  In 1902 the car was transferred to the Nevada & California RR (Southern Pacific), and given the number #16. It was used in Maintenance of Way service (railroad maintenance). In 1947 it was re-numbered #401. At times it carried people as well as freight, but reverted exclusively to caboose service until the narrow gauge shut down.  Placed on display in 1960 at Laws, it was re-activated with repairs in September 2017 for duty as a passenger/caboose car behind Engine #18 during the Slim Princess Reunion.  In 2021 it is receiving a new top layer on its roof and a re-painting.

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Interior of Caboose #401
This is the original Caboose #1 which can be found near the Boxcar Village.  As part of the Slim Princess train from the very beginning, it saw service from 1883-1900
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